Tuesday 4th July evening MG run. Do come along.

A place for the South Coast (Hampshire, IOW, lower Wiltshire) region.

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Tuesday 4th July evening MG run. Do come along.

Postby mgfSussex » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:14 am

On the evening of Tuesday 4th July the Chichester MG monthly meeting will be held in your neck of the woods at The Red Lion, Chalton (PO8 0BG). http://www.redlionchalton.co.uk/

The evening starts with a run from The Spotted Cow pub at Hunston (PO20 1PD) http://www.spottedcowhunston.co.uk/, departing from there at 7:30pm, and arriving at The Red Lion around 8:00pm.

Drivers are welcome to either take part in the run, or simply join us all at The Red Lion at around 8:00pm.

There are normally around 20+ MGs on these summer meets. Everyone is welcome, so please do come along and join us, irrespective of whether you're a member of MGOC / MGCC / MGF Reg, or none of the above. If you love MGs you're already one of us !

It's a very informal social get together. See you there. :thumbsu:


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