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MGFest - the car event with a difference !



A popular part of MGFest is the chance to take part in the various competitions or enjoy the events on offer. 2008 was no exception and there were a number of things for you to do both with and without your car !

For all the winners and runners up click the "winners" button above but enjoy the photos here.

  Fun Driving Tests

Not strictly a driving test but more of a fun gymkhana type event for you and your passenger.

Not sure what we are talking about then imagine limbo dancing by driving under a pole and guessing the height of your car or driving round cones sticking flags in the top of them. That will give you some idea of what we mean.

Score points as you go round the course and the winners will receive trophies at the end of the day

Driving Tests took place on both days.




Pride of Ownership

The POO competition was held in threer classes

MGF,  MGTF,  Other MG

The MGCC Car of the Show Trophy went to the car assessed as the best of the day by the POO judges.

The Mike Satur Modified car award was judged separately and drawn from all the cars at the show

The Sterling Automotive Visitors Trophy was voted for by the public as the car they would most want to take home drawn from the Pride of Ownership Entries and display cars.

The competition took place on Sunday only

Reverse Steer MGF

Drive the Brown & Gammons reverse steer MGF around a twisty course. Turn right and go left, Turn left and go right !

The Reverse Steer competition took place on both days

  Loudest Exhaust

Just how loud is your exhaust ? You could have found out in this competition to find the loudest exhaust at MGFest08.

Measurements using a decibel meter  were taken at 3000rpm and 5000rpm.

The Competition was held on both days

Digital Photography Competition

We held our first Digital Photography competition at MGFest08 and there were over 60 entries.

Prizes were awarded  in two categories

MGF/TF and Other Car

The MGF/TF winner received a trophy and will be the cover photograph on the MGF Register 2009 calendar. The 12 runners up will appear in the calendar itself but will NOT be notified - so you'll have to buy the calendar to see if you were successful !!




Glow Car Parade

The  Glow Car Parade took  place in the dark on Saturday evening with a parade of cars around the HMC finally drawing to a colourful stop for judging by the entrance.

Prizes were awarded in two categories

Fitted lights - for those with professional kit fitted

Improvised - for those who stuck  glow sticks , torches etc etc all over the car !


  Dressed Paddock

Our Regional Areas devised special paddock displays which were judged by Richard Jones of the MGCC.  No themes this year just the power of imagination.

The displays included the Marvel Garages of the South East region complete with the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman servicing your MG, HEAT wheels had the F word in Ramsey's kitchen and SMS went all chavtastic with Burberry bunting.


Walking Treasure Hunt

Entrants were invited to take a leisurely stroll around the museum looking for the answers to a series of clues and win a top prize.

A tricky quiz this year with one of the answers actually being on top of the Climbing Wall !


Team Games

Our  Team games took place again this year where our teams  wits were pitted their wits and physical prowess against a series of challenges over the weekend.

Great fun  and a chance to get wet as well and cool off in the sunshine as well !






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