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Thanks The Cars MGFete Sponsors/Trade Fest Night

MGFest - the car event with a difference !



Competitions for 2008 were held in memory of

 Dionne Walker


MGFest08 was brought to you by the MG Car Club (MGF Register) and with every good show there are always a lot of people to thank and I just hope I don't forget some of them (I usually do so accept my apologies if you are missing!)

Without the sponsors, all the organisers before the event and volunteers on the day we could not have put this show on - so a BIG thanks to everyone that helped out at MGFest08.

The main Sponsors for MGFest08 were the MGF Centre and Sterling Automotive and we owe a huge debt of thanks to them.

Tim Morris (Chairman MGF Register)


MGFest08 was dedicated to the Memory of

Brian Griffin, Chief Engineer for the MGF

1944 - 2008




Event/Site Manager :- Tim Morris Financial :- Jon Tully
MGFete/Trade :- Stewart Griffiths Entertainment Manager : Rich Stone
Human Resources/ H & S :- Andy Phillips Tickets/Regalia :- Emma Jackman
Club Liaison :- Colin Murrell Trade Liaison/International :- Adrian Clifford
Road Run South :- Simon Young Road Run North : Keith Williams
Design :- Susanne Mead Heritage Motor Centre :- Emma Rawlinson



MGFest08 Feature Managers

Fun Driving Tests :- Richard & Gill Martin & the MGCC Abingdon Works Centre

Brown & Gammons Reverse Steer :- Ally Gau, Kathryn Drewett, Stewart Griffiths

Team Games :- Tim Morris & Lee Pudney

Pride of Ownership :- Tim Morris

POO Judges :- Richard Jones, Patrick Warner, Susanne Mead

Walking Treasure Hunt :- Stewart Griffiths & Kathryn Drewett

Loudest Exhaust Competition :- Adrian Clifford, Dave Stonehouse

Glow Car Parade & Contest :- Adrian Clifford

Tech Demos :  Andy Phillips & Tim Morris

Feature Cars :- Tim Morris

Lecture Programme : Tim Morris

Tombola/MGFleamarket :- Stewart Griffiths

MGF Register Stand :- Elaine Ball & Emma Jackman & Jon Tully

Photo Competition :- Rich Stone

Regional Displays :- South East MGF, HEAT Wheels, South Mids Sportsters, SWMGF, Essex Roadsters, Midlands MGF

HMC Duty Officer :- John Bishop



....and of course to all our additional helpers on what turned out to be a very hot day

 Dave & Evelyn Morris, Geoff & Karen Symons, Andy & Elinor Pennington, James Curgenven & Chrissie, Paul Bridgman, Rob Ball, Toby Ball, Sean & Claire Rankin, Steve White, Alison Arthur, Deb Evans, Daphne & Hajo Witzel, Erik & Fran Baekelant, Dave Stonehouse, (sorry if I've missed anyone !)



The MGF Register would like to thank the following clubs for attending MGFest08 and we hope to see you again next year :-

MG Car Club

MG Owners Club

260's group

MGM Group

MGs on Track


X Power Forum 



We'd also like to thank our lecturers who gave some interesting and varied talks at the Heritage Motor Centre

Roger Parker (MGOC) - MGF/TF Modifications, The Chinese & MG

Richard Jones (MGCC General Manager)  - MGF Racing

Brian Moylan (MGCC Abingdon Works Centre)  - MG at Abingdon

Rev. Colin Corke (Austin Federation & Vicar of Longbridge) and Gillian Bardsley (archivist Heritage Motor Centre -  History of Longbridge and the MG era

Nic Fasci (Ex MGR ) - Vehicle Safety in relation to the MGF

Andrew Kitson (Ex MGR ) -  F to TF Chassis Development



and finally our feature car owners who displayed their vehicles over the weekend

John Fry , Danny Waters , Richard Smith & Tania Page, Nick Holland, Gary Roe, John Manning, Deb Evans, Chris Flanagan, Gerry Hiorns, Colin Murrell



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Many of the photos within the site have been taken from the numerous photo galleries found on the internet and a we give a  special acknowledgements to those Photographers. We hope you don't mind that we've pinched your pictures of MGFest08 but should you not wish to have your photos included here then contact chair@mgfregister.org

Adrian Clifford, Art Jacks, Nigel Williams, Nigel May, Erik Beakelant, Bruno Verbeck, Liz Morris, Emily Morris, Paddy Willmer, Andrew Pennington, Dave Morris, Geoff Symons,  Martin Cummings, Sparky135, Matto180, Apollo




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