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The Cars

Ah Yes the cars , it's why we are all here in  the first place.

The aim of MGFest08 is to bring together modern MGs but with an eye on the past in retaining that vital link to the ancestral MGs.

We think we succeeded in that quest with MGFest08 with an increase in the amount of historic vehicles attending and an increase

in other modern MGs in the form of the MG Zed and SV cars as well as the huge quantity of MGF & TFs of course.

Enjoy the photos on this page which show a good cross section of cars from the show.



Early Press Car turned up on saturday

Immaculate Mk1 Metro Turbo - one of only 37 left now

Vibrant Orange LE500

Campsite at Dusk - Nigel's atmospheric shot

Chromaflair ZTT 260

In the museum - EXE

This could have been an MGF - the PR5

New MGF Centre Scorpion exhaust

A brave MX5 owner mingles on the campsite

Fish eye view of NAC stand with some interlopers

The other LE500 on display

The regional Paddocks

Wolverine gets in in on the show

Adrian is brave to let his car be pushed in the team games

Scarlet Fever & Green with Envy on the camp site

Stews F is waiting for the bar open

Steve's Bittersweet 2005MY TF

Having a new hood fitted at BAS

Flags and Fs

Wizard of Nos - Deb Evans' secret ingredient

John Fry's MGF Rally Car

MGF Centre treatment of 80th Anniversary interior

MGBGT LE - the last one actually

MGSV in the museum

An earlier MG prototype

and another prototype MG

6R4 in the museum

EX255 MGF speed car gets a TF nosecone

MGOC bring a Land Rover

ZT320SE belonging to Gary Roe

The club paddock side of the Aprons

MGM Group in club section

Mark Lucas's checkered bonnet

These people like a BIG picnic

White & Purple interior shows individuality

Jay's Cassie

The red theme is carried forward here

Metro on the Novatech rolling road

Mike Channin's ear shattering F

The general F/TF parking

A view from the roof

260's line up

Regional Paddocks

Evelyn seeks out Mr Bond


Cheetah styling on this volcano F

Getting cosy with the new TFs

MGs on Track

Nice Purple interior

An F150 ?

Greyfox's tail

Queuing to get in

A couple of SVs and a line of Fs

The ancestors were out in force

MGBGTV8 for sale

John Manning's immaculate SVR

MGF Geneva Show Car


Chairman's ZR filled with balloons

Nick Holland's much modified ZR

Radio controlled painting of LE500 by Ian Cook










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