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The MGF Register is part of the MG Car Club.

The MG Car Club (the "Club") has existed in a number of forms since its foundation in 1930, but since 1969 has been a company limited by guarantee. It is managed by an Executive Committee with the support of a Club Office team. The Executive Committee members are elected at an Annual General Meeting of the Club and report to a Council which meets twice a year and comprises Club representatives.

Club structure

The Club is structured in three parts - Centres covering regional areas in the UK and overseas, Registers covering individual MG models, and Branches covering particular activities, principally motorsport and the track day operation through MGs on Track or MGoT. These three parts are often referred to collectively as the CRBs and are run by volunteer Club members. Each CRB has a representative at the Club's Council meetings. A Club member will always be in a local Centre, and may be a member of a number of Registers and Branches, depending on cars owned and the Club activities they wish to enjoy.

Company limited by guarantee
The Club, as a corporate body established as the MG Car Club Limited, is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales, registration number 0096 2227. This type of company differs from the more usual form of limited company with shareholders. Instead of holding shares, the members each undertake, as a condition of membership, to contribute the sum of £1.00 towards any liabilities of the company in the event of the company being wound up whilst they are members, or within a year after their ceasing to be members.

Registered & operational address of the MG Car Club
The registered and operational address of the MG Car Club is:

Kimber House, 12 Cemetery Road, Abingdon on Thames, Oxfordshire OX14 1AS.


The telephone number is 01235 555552.

The Club's VAT registration is 194 7172 35.

Even though the MGF Register is part of the MG Car Club, this online shop is run by the MGF Register NOT the MG Car Club so please contact the MGF Register if you have any questions rather than contacting the MG Car Club directly.